Hiking Through New England

About The Site

On this website you will be able to explore a variety of mountains that are available for hiking throughout New England.
Whether you are an avid and experienced hiker, or just a beginner we will help you find a mountain that is suitable for you! Read a brief description of the mountains below, or visit the pages for more details.
Additionally, visit the page on preparation to figure out what you should bring for your hiking adventure! Enjoy hiking in the most beautiful area in New England.

About the Mountains

Chart of New England Mountains
Mountain Name Location Difficulty Sights
Cadillac Mountain Acadia, Maine Moderate 9/10
Precipice Trail Acadia, Maine Difficult 10/10
The Beehive Acadia, Maine Moderate to Difficult 7/10
White Mountains New Hampshire Varies, from easy to difficult Varies
Mount Mansfield Vermont Moderate 8/10
Camel's Hump Vermont Easy 6/10